LED Lighting Rebates in Colorado





LED Lighting Rebates in Colorado

There are a variety of rebates available to commercial clients installing LED lighting in their buildings. The process can be confusing though, especially when it comes to ensuring you apply for all the incentives available, whether that be from a utility, city or county rebate program. We are here to handle this for our clients to ensure you maximize all the incentives available to you based on your physical location. This gives you the opportunity to invest in a higher quality LED and building control system, while spending less money to do it. 

 Businesses are also eligible for Line 179-D accelerated depreciation for LED Lighting, year one. This allows for substantial savings of up to $1,80 per square foot of space in accelerated depreciation. Many projects are able to write off nearly the entire investment in the first year with this awesome federal tax incentive. 

What is a "Prescriptive Rebate"?

When a utility company offers a prescriptive rebate, they will offer a set dollar amount, per qualified fixture. This amount will vary depending on both the type and wattage LED fixture being installed, and may have a qualification based on what you're replacing.  Typically they require a DLC or Energy Star qualification on the fixture in order to receive rebates. 

What is a "Custom Rebate"?

A custom rebate is typically based on energy savings. These rebates will pay out a set amount of money, per watt (w), kilowatt (kw), or killowatt-hour (kw-h) saved. This is calculated based on what type of lighting you're replacing and how great the energy savings will be. These can be more confusing to navigate, but typically provide wonderful rebates, especially to those with inefficient lighting, such as T12 Fluorescent or HID. 


Xcel Energy Lighting Rebates

Denver Metro Area, Boulder, Summit County, Grand Junction

Xcel Energy provides amazing prescriptive lighting rebates to their business customers. These rebates vary dependent on whether you're replacing HID, incandescent or fluorescent as well as the type of qualified LED fixture or retrofit kit that's being installed. 

There are very large bonuses currently being offered to clients from Xcel whom are replacing T12 fluorescent lighting. Businesses that have T12's should call us immediately to discuss LED upgrades that qualify for some of the largest rebates we've ever seen from Xcel. Don't let this opportunity pass by.

Xcel Energy also provides the Business Instant Rebate Program, which gives a cash discount on the qualified LED screw in bulb or retrofit kit to the client at the time of purchase. Business clients with Xcel can get an immediate reduction of the invoice from Xcel's Instant Rebate by calling us with your order or questions.

Xcel Energy Commercial Lighting Rebate Programs in Colorado

Xcel Energy Business Instant Rebate Program for LED Lighting


Efficiency Works at Platte River Power Authority (PRPA)

(Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont Utilities and Town of Estes Park Power)

PRPA, the electric association for the above city ran utility companies. They primarily provide custom rebates from $0.10 to $1.50 per watt reduced, depending on the type of LED fixture or lamp is being installed. Rebates also vary depending on whether the LED is replacing incandescent, fluorescent or HID. 

.PRPA has wonderful rebates to help their business customers go green with LED! Take advantage of these as many of our clients have loved how they structure their rebates towards better quality LED fixtures and building controls while helping to offset much of the initial investment. 

Efficiency Works Commercial Lighting Rebate Programs

Efficiency Works Website