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2013 Lighting Rebates Coming to an End

By: Ginger Monday December 9, 2013 comments

In just a few days, Platte River Power Authority (PRPA) will be ending their 2013 commercial lighting rebates. In just a months time the lighting rebates for Xcel Energy, Tri State Utility Companies and other electric associations in Colorado will be coming to an end for 2013 as well. It has been a wonderful year helping businesses all over the state save money with LED lighting for their businesses and helping them get qualified for a total of nearly $1 Million dollars in rebates to our clients in 2013. Congratualtions to you all and thank... Read More

Boulder Furniture and Mattress Saving Significant Money After One Year With LED Lighting

By: Marcus Monday November 25, 2013 comments

In June of 2012, Boulder Furniture and Mattress utilized LED Lighting Specialists for a retail   LED lighting retrofit of their furniture store in Boulder CO. Since replacing the mix of halogen, CFL and T12 fluorescents that were in there previously, Boulder Furniture and Mattress has experienced significant reductions in their electric costs and has been thoroughly impressed by how much cooler their store has been the last two summers, due to removing all the halogens that were heating up the showroom to above 80 degrees! "This is... Read More

LED Linear Tube Lights Save Significant Money Compared to T8 and T12 Fluorescent Lamps

By: Marcus Monday November 11, 2013 comments

LED linear tube lamps can help small, medium and large commercial businesses save significant money compared with their T8 and T12 counterparts. A typical 4'' T12 lamp runs at 40W with an average lifespan of 8,000 hours. The magnetic ballast can pull a substantial amount of extra wattage as well. LED tube lights from LED Lighting Specialists have superior quality of light compared with fluorescents, are rated to go 65,000 hours they have significantly longer life spans. What''s even better is our LED lights don''t require ballasts,... Read More

Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont and Estes Park Businesses are Going Green with LED, Utilizing Grant Money from the Cities.

By: Marcus Monday October 28, 2013 comments

Grant money for businesses from the cities of Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont and Estes Park are helping cover almost all the up front out of pocket investment of utilizing LED lighting with LED Lighting Specialists, through December 1, 2013. We have helped dozens of excited local businesses save up to 80% on their lighting costs, while most are getting 50% 75% of the investment completely covered by the city. Laura Green, owner of Repeat Boutique in Fort Collins is extremely happy to finally rid of all her incandescent lights at the... Read More

Due to Recent Estes Park Flooding, City has Improved LED Lighting Efficiency Grant for Businesses

By: Marcus Monday October 14, 2013 comments

Due to the unfortunate flooding in Estes Park this month, the town of Estes Park and Platte River Power Authority (PRPA) have improved and extended the LED lighting business efficiency grant. Through Dec 31, 2013, most small businesses in Estes Park qualify for LED Lighting 100% paid, up to $5,000! Grant money has been extended from Dec 1 until Dec 31 and project cap has been increased to 100% to accommodate lighting efficiency improvements for free for all the businesses that have been affected. Contact LED Lighting Specialists... Read More

LED PAR Lamps Save Significant Money Compared with Incandescent and CFL

By: Marcus Monday September 30, 2013 comments

LED PAR lamps save significant energy compared with their incandescent and CFL counterparts. A typical small business that runs 10 hours per day, 7 days per week, with 100 incandescent PAR 30 lamps can save over $200 per month in electric costs alone! (At $0.11 per kW/h) As any retail business owner who uses incandescent or halogen lighting understands, quality light is the most important aspect of the retail establishment, but is extremely expensive to operate and maintain. This is completely eliminated with LED Lighting Specialists line... Read More