Reduced Expenses Made Easy and Affordable with LED Lighting Retrofits

By: Portia Higgins Friday August 12, 2016 comments

Smart business owners and facilities managers are always on the lookout for ways to reduce expenses and increase revenue. Because of recent improvements and shrinking costs, lighting retrofits replacing traditional lamps and controls to energy-efficient LED systems have emerged as one of the easiest, most affordable ways to lower your electric bill and sharpen your budget. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, todays LED bulbs are six to seven times more energy efficient than conventional incandescent lights, cut energy use by... Read More

Understand the Factors and Adaptations that Impact LED Efficiency

By: Portia Higgins Wednesday July 13, 2016 comments

Thanks to their various benefits, LED s have become an integral part of general lighting applications as semiconductor light sources. For some time, LED efficiency has been significantly higher than that of conventional lighting technologies. But how do we define efficiency in a solid-state lighting (SSL) system? In ordinary everyday language, when we talk about the efficiency of light sources, we generally mean their luminous efficacy, which is measured in lumens per watt (lm/W), a metric that takes into account the sensitivity of the... Read More

Will US Made LED Fixtures Ever Cost Less Than Chinese Imports?

By: Portia Higgins Thursday June 16, 2016 comments

The answer is YES. Today, some US LED manufacturers have already cracked the code on beating the Chinese at price, while maintaining high quality. This may be surprising to many business owners, energy advisors and lighting professionals. In a presidential election year, candidates on both sides of the aisle have spoken about the benefits of increasing US manufacturing and the resulting job creation. Domestic manufacturing alone does not create economic growth if the products that are produced are not competitively priced and purchased by... Read More

California-Based City to Upgrade 6,000 Streetlights to LEDs

By: Portia Higgins Friday June 10, 2016 comments

Chico, the most populated city in California, partners up with PGE in switching all the streetlights to LED lamps, reported KRCR News . The conversion is expected to cost the city US 1.17 million. An internal municipal fund will cover most of the cost, totaling at US 1.31 million. Meanwhile, PGE will utilize the incentive through the LED Streetlight Turn0Key Replacement Program to cover US $145,950. Chico accommodates nearly 7,000 streetlights in the city and 4,700 out of the total lights are owned by the city. PGE owns about 2,300... Read More

Ephesus Upgrades Hawkins Field of Vanderbilt University with LED Lighting System

By: Portia Higgins Tuesday May 24, 2016 comments

ower management company Eaton today announced that the home field of the Vanderbilt University mens baseball team, Hawkins Field in Nashville, Tennessee, has installed an advanced light-emitting diode ( LED ) system designed to enhance the viewing experiences for spectators while reducing energy use by as much as 75 percent. The Vanderbilt University's Hawkins Field in Nashville, Tennessee was upgraded with LED s from Ephesus. (Photo Courtesy of Eaton) The Commodores opened their season under the Ephesus... Read More

LED Technology Serves Rapidly Growing Horticultural Market

By: Portia Higgins Monday May 9, 2016 comments

Horticultural research has established that radiation at some relatively narrow spectral bands can optimize chlorophyll absorption in plants that in turn drives the photosynthesis process critical to plant growth. Both packaged LED manufacturers and makers of solid-state lighting (SSL) finished products are moving to capture a slice of what is a rapidly growing marketplace. Meanwhile, researchers continue to work to understand how other wavelengths might further boost productivity in greenhouses and indoor commercial plant farms. The... Read More

Circadian Lighting is Developed to Help Dementia Patients at UK Hospital

By: Portia Higgins Thursday April 28, 2016 comments

UK smart lighting and LED specialist PhotonStar said it has completed a circadian lighting installation at a dementia ward in London where the dynamically changing light levels are expected to improve patient health. Interested in more articles announcements on circadian lighting human-centric lighting? The head nurse on the ward at St. Marys Hospital requested the circadian lighting system for patient wellbeing as part of a broader ward retrofit, and the hospital justified the deployment on the basis of energy savings,... Read More

Major League Baseball Opens With LEDs in San Diego and Arlington (UPDATED)

By: Portia Higgins Friday April 22, 2016 comments

Musco Lighting and Eatons Ephesus Lighting each have announced new high-profile, sports-venue, LED -based lighting projects that came to light with the dawn of the 2016 Major League Baseball season. Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres in San Diego, CA, has the new Musco Lighting installation. Globe Life Park, home of the Texas Rangers in Arlington, TX, has the new Ephesus Lighting installation. In both cases,the solid-state lighting (SSL) has raised light levels and slashed energy usage while DMX-based controls enable the teams... Read More

U.S. Hotel Chain to Save More Than US$3M Per Year with LEDs from Hubbell Lighting

By: Portia Higgins Friday March 25, 2016 comments

As part of a $1 billion investment designed to improve its entire portfolio of 629 properties, Extended Stay America ("ESA") recently began improving the exterior lighting at many of its facilities. From a lighting perspective, the technology used to illuminate the buildings, parking lots and common areas were outdated by almost 20 years. Existing light levels were not acceptable and maintenance costs were unsustainable. The guiding principle of the initiative was to "improve the guest experience," and the initial launch focused on external... Read More

Niagara Falls to Glow with LED Lights and Save 82% Energy by Fall 2016

By: Portia Higgins Wednesday March 2, 2016 comments

A group of tourists got Wayne Thomson, chairman of Niagara Falls (Ontario) Tourism, thinking about upgrading the lighting of the well- known fall, reported Buffalo Business First . It was 9 in the evening, the lights were on while the tourists asked when the falls would be lit up. The decades-old lighting apparently wasnt enough to wow the visitors. The bi- national Niagara Falls Illumination Board decided to invest in US $4 million to renew the lighting system, converting the conventional zeon lights to LED ones. The new lighting... Read More