Our Core Values 

Illuminating the Path to a Brighter Future

1. Responsibility 

Support for the communities and clients we serve.

Dedication to our team and those that invest their lives and futures with us.

Protection of human rights and fair wages to those that work in our factory.

Protection of the environment and our impact on it from our operations. 

Setting a standard of win-win in all of our interactions.

2. People First

Serve people, before profit.

Never sacrifice human rights to save a buck; ethically built products. 

Establish the desired outcome, before making a solution.

Give, Grow, Gratitude: Team, clients, vendors, community, partners.

Respect unconditionally, even when it's not fair.

3. Growth

We will be better tomorrow than we were yesterday.

Evaluate mistakes and establish a process to ensure it's not repeated.

Our industry is evolving fast and so is our team.

Create and provide next year's solutions, today.

Listen to clients and team to build ideas that are desired, not forced.

4. Efficiency

Time is your most limited resource. We value it and will not waste it.

Invest in and utilize technology in order to reduce costs to the client.

Plan strategically to maximize resources, time and team.

Train our team to act strategically, saving clients money.

Improvement happens weekly. Not annually.